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Energy Week

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  • Energy Week

    Energy Week

    TDK Ventures’ Energy Week 2021 will be a remarkable thought leadership forum that will bring together over 30 top leaders in the battery and energy fields to the transformation of the energy industry and the future outlook. Here’s a summary of the key details and highlights we can expect from the upcoming event:

    Event Overview: Energy Week 2021, presented by TDK Ventures Inc., aims to provide a platform for knowledge exchange and discussion among experts from academia, industry, startups, and venture capital in the battery and energy sectors. The event will span five days, focusing on various aspects of energy transformation.

    Speaker Lineup: We can look forward to a distinguished lineup of speakers, including leaders and experts in the field, such as Bob Galyen (Founder of Galyen Energy and former CTO of CATL), Shirley Meng (Professor at UCSD), Dipender Saluja (Managing Director at Capricorn, an early investor in Tesla), Qichao Hu (Founder and CEO of SES), Hans Kobler (Co-Founder, Managing Partner, and CEO of Energy Impact Partners), Julia Song (Co-Founder and CTO of ESS), Rajesh Swaminathan (Partner at Khosla Ventures), and representatives from top universities, energy venture capital firms, and energy startups.

    Event Format: Energy Week 2021 will feature a daily schedule with each day focusing on a specific topic related to energy transformation. The event will include panel discussions, interactive polling, and live audience Q&A sessions to foster engagement and knowledge sharing.

    Topics to be Covered: The event will explore a wide range of topics relevant to the energy industry, including materials processing and manufacturing, battery management systems, charging and safety infrastructure, energy storage systems, e-mobility, grid integration, mining, and battery recycling.

    Free and Open Access: TDK Ventures will make Energy Week 2021 accessible to the public for free, emphasizing the importance of sharing knowledge and insights openly on opportunities and challenges in the energy sector. This open forum aims to facilitate broader discussions and increase awareness of energy-related issues.

    Event Partners: TDK Ventures will collaborate with several partners and supporters, including the Volta Foundation (formerly Battery Brunch), BatteryBits, Intercalation Station, Stanford Energy Club, MIT Energy Night, and other organizations and startups in the energy innovation ecosystem.

    Community Engagement: The event aims to inspire a new generation of inventors, entrepreneurs, and investors by discussing innovative solutions and addressing the significant problems in the energy sector. The goal is to identify opportunities for startups to contribute to a more sustainable future.

    Knowledge Sharing: Energy Week 2021 aims to stimulate ongoing conversations and engagement within the energy transformation community, with the intention of translating these discussions into meaningful actions to improve and future-proof the world.

    Global Impact: The event will have a global reach, allowing individuals from around the world to participate, learn, and collaborate on energy-related topics.

    In conclusion, TDK Ventures’ Energy Week 2021 will provide a valuable platform for experts, innovators, and stakeholders to come together, share insights, and discuss the challenges and opportunities in the energy sector. It will emphasize the importance of collaboration and knowledge exchange in driving positive change for a more sustainable and energy-efficient future.

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