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  • Investor Dinner (London)

    TDK Ventures is hosting an exclusive, private dinner event designed to bring together individuals who share a dedication to investing in the advancement of climate and energy innovations to engage in meaningful discussions. Our goal is to ensure that this evening is not only enjoyable but also intellectually stimulating as we delve into the potential of transforming energy and the environment to create a greener, more sustainable world.

    London, United Kingdom

  • Month2023-10-18T16:00
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  • Portfolio Summit (Q4)

    TDK Ventures is proud to invite you to our second Portfolio Summit on 18th October 23 from 9-4 PM, at the Hyatt Regency Santa Clara. Following a well-received inaugural Portfolio Summit in April 2023, we recognize the value of this in-person platform in enabling real-time knowledge sharing and fostering of discussions among Portfolio attendees and between our Portfolio Companies and TDK Business Groups. We hope that this second Portfolio Summit will continue to kindle serendipitous collaborations that we could not have foreseen, just as the first event did.

    Please join us for a full day of knowledge sharing, networking and discussions. We will be joined by TDK business unit heads and senior leadership, including our Corporate Officers Michael Pocsatko, responsible for Corporate Marketing & Incubation; Joe Lam, who is the General Manager of TDK China; and Albert Ong, the CEO of Magnetic Heads Business Company; as well as Georg Kuegerl, who is the Deputy General Manager of Technology & Intellectual Property HQ.

    Hyatt Regency

    Santa Clara, California

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  • CV Insider Launch

    We are thrilled to extend a special invitation to you for an exceptional event at the London Business School. Join us as we commemorate the launch of the Corporate Venturing Insider website, a dedicated platform aimed at disseminating best practices from corporate venturing leaders to empower entrepreneurs. This significant milestone, spearheaded by TDK Ventures President Nicolas Sauvage, represents a remarkable commitment to elevating the entire ecosystem and enhancing our collective skills as investors.

    In an era characterized by rapid technological advancements, evolving economic landscapes, and dynamic shifts in political and social spheres, the imperative to innovate has never been more pressing. Entrepreneurial ventures often serve as vanguards, exploring new opportunities during these transformative times. Increasingly, established companies are seeking collaboration with innovative ventures for mutual benefit – a phenomenon widely recognized as corporate venturing. Importantly, there is no one-size-fits-all formula for achieving success in this realm.

    Our upcoming event, featuring panel discussions, will tap into the insights and expertise of corporate venturing leaders from diverse sectors and geographic regions. It will delve into the critical decisions and varied approaches necessary to foster successful collaborations.

    We warmly invite you to be a part of this exhilarating celebration of innovation and collaboration. Together, let’s shape the future of corporate venturing!


    Gary Dushnitsky
    Associate Professor of Strategy & Entrepreneurship at London Business School

  • Month2023-09-06T08:30
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  • Investors Dinner (Israel)

    This event brought together individuals and professionals who are interested in investing in Climate and Energy Innovations for an evening of exploration and discussion on Energy & Environmental Transformation toward a more sustainable and greener planet.

    This event represented an opportunity to network, share insights, and collaborate with like-minded individuals dedicated to addressing critical environmental challenges.


    Tel Aviv, Israel

  • Month2023-08-16T21:00
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  • Boston Hub Launch

    TDK Ventures is delighted to announce the grand opening of its Boston Hub, and we cordially invite you to join us in celebrating this significant occasion. We’re thrilled to mark this milestone alongside our cherished friends, co-investors, and esteemed colleagues. The evening will feature a delightful array of food, beverages, and live music. Additionally, we’ll be unveiling our exciting plans for the future.

    Boston, Massachusetts

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  • Climate Tech Happy Hour

    The rapid growth of EVs and renewables has increased the need for energy storage like lithium-ion batteries, along with the critical minerals to make them. A serious challenge we face: 90% of the battery supply chain does not exist in US. With limited access to critical minerals, how can we manage the supply chain risk for lithium-ion batteries? With new technologies in lithium extraction and battery recycling, how can we capture value in the battery supply chain? Please join us for this happy hour, co-hosted by Piva Capital and TDK Ventures, to discuss more about Mining, Recycling, and Battery Supply Chain.
    We are inviting industry experts and startup founders with leading edge technologies in the critical metals and battery materials space, confirmed guest panelists are:
    -Steven Vassiloudis (CEO @ Novalith)
    -Saad Dara (CEO @ Mangrove Lithium)
    -Chirranjeevi Gopal (Co-founder and Chief Product Officer @ Mitra Chem)

    Four Embarcadero Center

    San Fransisco, California, USA

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  • Sustainability Night

    Explored and celebrated innovations in digital transformation for sustainability. Our event provided a platform for insightful discussions and lively celebrations surrounding this vital trend – exploring the intersection of digital transformation and sustainability, gain valuable insights from industry leaders, and foster connections that have the potential to shape a more sustainable future.

    Santa Clara, California

  • Month2023-05-19T23:30
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  • DX Week

    TDK Ventures Inc. will host its second annual Digital Transformation (DX) event. Following a similar format to last year’s highly successful inaugural event, DX Week 2023 will bring together a number of speakers made up of entrepreneurs, scientists, venture capitalists, and visionaries from around the world who are at the forefront of digital transformation. DX Week 2023 is an opportunity for attendees to hear presentations and share insights, best practices, and visions with colleagues and industry partners of how digital technologies will make the earth more productive, inclusive, and sustainable.

    “During DX Week 2023, we’ll explore the influence that automation, communication, advanced computing, sophisticated data analysis, and other breakthroughs will bear on manufacturing, computing, entertainment, and sustainability,” said Nicolas Sauvage, president of TDK Ventures. “With an eye toward inspiring tomorrow’s digital disruptors and the investors, researchers, and theorists who support them to harness the commercial, environmental, and quality-of-life possibilities these tools enable, we want to stretch the boundaries of imagination while laying the groundwork for bringing them to market.”

    DX Week 2023 includes three separate sessions set in the top tech centers in the world, where diverse expert panelists will provide definitive insights into how digital technologies are changing the universe. Days, times, and topics are below. Note: All dates and times are based on the time zone of the respective session site.

    Palo Alto, Tokyo, Bengaluru

    North America, Japan, India

  • Month2023-04-18T22:00
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  • Portfolio Summit (Q2)

    The TDK Ventures Portfolio Summit will aim to create a platform for our portfolio companies to (1) explore opportunities for cross-portfolio collaboration, as many will have complementary technologies, and (2) connect, share experiences, and exchange ideas on challenges startups will face, from commercializing IP to scaling and fundraising.

    The summit will kick off with each Portfolio Company giving a short introduction about themselves and the topics they wish to raise with an audience of peers and TDK collaborators. The event will have each Portfolio Company display demos, brochures, and pamphlets. This event will serve as a starting point for Portfolio Companies to have meaningful conversations on potential synergies.

    Two keynote speakers, Louis Lehot, Partner and Business Lawyer with Foley & Lardner, and Douglas Monaster, Executive Director at the UBS Private Markets Group, will share insights on the 2023 Market Outlook for Fundraising and Exits.

    Four Seasons Hotel

    Palo Alto, California

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  • Energy Week

    TDK Ventures and Climate Investment are co-hosting Energy Week 2023 at the prestigious Goldsmiths’ Centre in London. This premier virtual event will highlight industry leaders, experts, and visionaries who are shaping the future of the energy landscape to help explore the latest advancements, challenges, and opportunities in sustainable energy solutions.

    Climate Investment is an independent organization founded by members of the Oil and Gas Climate Initiative, specializing in accelerating capital-efficient decarbonization in high-emission sectors. Since 2017, they’ve curated a portfolio of over 30 innovative technologies and business models, resulting in a cumulative reduction of 57 MT CO2e in greenhouse gas emissions from 2019 to 2022.

  • Month2023-03-01T23:00
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  • India Hub Launch

    TDK Ventures, Inc. is opening its first TDK Ventures Innovation Hub in Bengaluru, India. The hub will bring together VCs and CVCs in an atmosphere of collaboration and purposeful exchange, co-creating an ecosystem ideally suited for maximizing engagement with entrepreneurs and their many innovative technologies within decarbonization, clean energy, energy storage, and industry 5.0.

    “At TDK Ventures, we put entrepreneurs first,” states Nicolas Sauvage, TDK Ventures President. “In that spirit, in addition to bringing entrepreneurs to the investors, we want to bring together like-minded investors to support these amazing entrepreneurs. By physically being near such incredible startups and visionary innovators, we aim to offer our ‘TDK Goodness’ to the greatest minds in India and help accelerate the development of their projects and technologies for use by the greater global ecosystem.”

    TDK Ventures invests in startups to bolster innovation within decarbonization, clean energy, energy storage, industry 5.0., and related areas typically underrepresented in venture capital portfolios. It believes in impact-scaling entrepreneurs, who are creating a new era of sustainability and social value. The firm is entering the Indian market with a mission to accelerate learning, bring meaningful contributions to society, and invest in startups with similar ideals.

    To mark the opening of its technology innovation hub, TDK Ventures is hosting a launch event on 1st March 2023 in Bengaluru. Members of the TDK Ventures team will detail their plan for investing in India and how they plan to spread ‘TDK Goodness’ to Indian entrepreneurs. The event will feature keynote speaker Mohan Das Pai, chairman of 3one4 Capital, co-founder and chairman of Aarin Capital, and chairman of Manipal Global Education. It will also feature speakers Shailesh Lakhani, managing director of Sequoia India; Rema Subramanian, co-founder and managing partner of Ankur Capital; and Padmaja Ruparel, co-founder of Indian Angel Network. Attendees will have the opportunity to network with industry professionals and ramp up enthusiasm within the startup sphere for their respective projects.