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    About The Event

    Join us on June 3rd at 11 am PST (8 pm Paris) as we celebrate four remarkable years and over 80 successful Corporate Venture Insider episodes packed with corporate venturing insights and “Golden Nuggets.”

    Corporate Venturing Insider interview series offers invaluable insights from corporate venturing leaders who share best practices to elevate our impact across the venturing ecosystem.

    Moderated by Alastair Goldfisher, former editor of Venture Capital Journal, and hosted by Nicolas Sauvage, President of TDK Ventures, this online event will shine a spotlight on the outstanding contributions of over 80 CVC leaders interviewed by Nicolas over the past four years.

    Alongside the webinar, on June 3rd we are launching the Corporate Venturing Insider website, which features 80 audio podcasts, articles, and videos created from the original hour-long interviews.

    Key insights from the Corporate Venturing Insider interview series:

    • Starting a CVC
    • Value to Mothership
    • Investment Best Practices
    • Diversity in CVC Teams
    • Relationships with VCs
    • Investment Committee Structure
    • Fund Structures
    • Communication Strategy
    • Sustainability / ESG Investments


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    Live Webinar Event

    Shining a Spotlight on the Outstanding Contributions of CVC Leaders

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    Nicolas Sauvage

    Nicolas Sauvage

    President | TDK Ventures

    Alastair Goldfisher

    Alastair Goldfisher

    Former Editor | Venture Capital Journal