TDK Ventures presents Energy Week 2022, a content-filled event comprised of over 20 of the top leaders in climate tech


  • An online gathering of leaders in the climate-tech field from academia, industry, startups, and venture capital (VC) will share their insights into how the industry is changing and what the future holds
  • The second annual Energy Week is October 31 to November 2, 2022
  • Experience five two-hour sessions and a Spotlight Interview with diverse expert panelists discussing topics like battery development, green hydrogen, electrification and more.


TDK Corporation (TSE: 6762) announced today that subsidiary TDK Ventures Inc. will host its second annual Energy Week from October 31 to November 2, 2022. Following a similar format to TDK Ventures’ Energy Week 2021, which featured top leaders in the climate-tech field, this online gathering will bring together over 20 speakers made up of professors, entrepreneurs, investors, venture capitalists, scientists, and visionaries from around the world, all at the forefront of the energy sector. Interested participants can register for the event at:

Each speaker will share their thoughts concerning the future of energy, and how it will influence our society and life. Before each session, there will be an hour-long fireside chat featuring a top expert in that respective session’s topic to provide even further insight into the upcoming discussion and to give the audience a feel for what is ahead.

“We received thousands of registrations from across academia, industry, startups, and VC sectors, TDK Ventures’ Energy Week 2021 delivered on its promise to show the many innovations that could power tomorrow’s world and cleanly produce and store its energy,” said Nicolas Sauvage, President, TDK Ventures. “For Energy Week 2022, we expect an even larger engagement, as the topic of battery and energy has been a daily feature in practically every form of media for the past nine months. TDK Ventures is pleased to take an upfront position in leading the discussion on what lies ahead in this critical arena. We would love to have students, entrepreneurs, scientists, industry professionals and anyone interested in decarbonization join us to see and hear what the experts think.”

The event will be followed by multiple invite-only events to brainstorm on solutions.

Days, times, and topics for Energy Week 2022 are listed below. All times are PDT (GMT -07:00).

  •  Monday, October 31 – Future of Green Hydrogen and Chemicals

8 AM: Fireside Chat with Meghan Sharp

9 AM: Panel Discussion

Advances to make hydrogen cheaper and cleaner for use as an energy-storage and transmission medium could be the answer to managing extreme heat-producing industrial processes. Green hydrogen, ammonia, and chemicals will contribute a big part of industrial and agricultural decarbonization leveraging renewable energy. How and when can we bring the cost of green chemicals down? What is needed to achieve the Energy Earthshot goals?

  •  Monday, October 31 – Future of Battery Development and Manufacturing

5 PM: Fireside Chat with Bob Galyen

6 PM: Panel Discussion

As the energy transition quickens, global battery supply will meet only 60% of the expected demand by decade’s end. Advanced battery manufacturing, which could produce the next generation of high-performance batteries with lower manufacturing costs and lower carbon footprints, is needed. How far are we on next-gen battery manufacturing?

  • Tuesday, November 1 – Future of Emerging Market Electrification

8 AM: Fireside Chat with Rick Needham

9 AM: Panel Discussion

Emerging markets are key to the global energy transition, with 88% of the growth in electricity demand between now and 2040 expected to come from emerging-market countries. Solar, wind, nuclear, alternative fuels….What will be the next wave of global green-energy transition? How could emerging markets and developing economies leapfrog to clean energy and electrification?

  • Tuesday, November 1 – Future of EV and Charging Infrastructure

5 PM: Fireside Chat with Chelsea Sexton

6 PM: Panel Discussion

The number of electric cars, buses, vans, and heavy trucks on roads is expected to hit 145 million by 2030. As the electrification of our roads takes hold, the grid needs to be upgraded, and new charging infrastructures must be built for both passenger EVs and heavy duties. What are the pathways to build a resilient charging infrastructure? How will future EV designs fit the new application scenarios of EV?

  • Wednesday, November 2 – Spotlight Interview

9 AM: Spotlight Interview with Shayle Kann on the topic “How Will the Inflation Reduction Act Supercharge Climate Tech in the U.S.?”

  • Wednesday, November 2 – Future of Mining and Battery Supply Chain

5 PM: Fireside Chat with Joe Lowry

6 PM: Panel Discussion

The rapidly growing popularity of electric vehicles will cause the demand for lithium-ion batteries to soar over the next decade. One serious challenge we are facing is: 90% of the battery supply chain does not exist in the U.S. With the limited access to critical minerals, how do we manage the supply-chain risk for lithium-ion batteries? With technologies being explored in lithium extraction and battery recycling, how do we capture battery value-chain opportunities?

Energy Week 2022 notable speakers will include:

  • Future of Green Hydrogen and Chemicals: Meghan Sharp, Global Head of Decarbonization Partners, a BlackRock and Temasek JV
  • Future of Battery Development and Manufacturing: Bob Galyen, former CTO of CATL, and Shayle Kann, Partner at Energy Impact Partners
  • Future of Emerging Market Electrification: Rick Needham, Senior Advisor of Climate and Energy at TPG
  • Future of EV and Charging Infrastructure: Chelsea Sexton, Senior Consultant, Transportation at DOE Loan Programs Office
  • Future of Mining and Battery Supply Chain: Joe Lowry, President of Global Lithium LLC


The world is becoming increasingly polluted and threatened, and it is key that we provide solutions to these pressing problems that are not going away any time soon. Together, through events such as Energy Week 2022, we can – and are – bringing a better, more sustainable tomorrow.

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